No alerts to external email recipients


Hiya. This is driving me NUTS - sending to and @domain.local all working OK - but have setup external contacts for alerts to their systems and they’re not getting email - I’ve checked the system log and it doesn’t even look like nagios is generating alerts for the specified contact - moreover when I remove our internal contacts from a contact group - notifications cease entirely - anyone have any thoughts on what i’m missing?!


if there are no contacts no notification is generated… :slight_smile:

i think you are missing some part of the configuration… so no notification is generated.
Check that your contact is in a contat group, that notifications are enabled for the contact and for the group…


Not quite. In my contact group, the two internal contacts get notifications, but the external person does not…


Is the notification generated? does it appear in the notifications page?
If it is you’ll need to check the mail log of your server.


the notification does get generated for the two local recipients but not the external one - you can see this happening in realtime looking at the system event log on the nagios server… nagios just seems to refuse to accept notification addresses that aren’t local. it’s very weird :frowning:


still looks like a config problem to me…
does the verify-config return any errors?


no the verify comes back OK and the contact exists in the contacts.cfg


if the notification isn’t generated ethe rthe contact has notifications disabled or a wrong timeperiod…