No audio warning played for service checks via send_results?


I’ve got a nicely setup nagios environment checking approx 300 services with all the email warnings and state messages working correctly.

We’ve recently setup a dedicated machine in the IT office with a couple of LCD panels on the wall as a status screen for everyone to see - as part of that I’ve enabled the audio warnings for critical and warning states to alert people when I’m not around.

My setup is one central nagios server (2.5) that runs roughly 1/3 of the service checks and the cgi pages, I have two further nagios servers (both 2.5) which check many services running behind firewalled systems - these submit their results to the nsca daemon on the central server via the standard mechanisms.

Critical and warning messages from locally submitted results result in audio playback, but for all service results submitted via the other two nagios servers I don’t get any audio (even though they appear in the ‘problem services’ and ‘problem hosts’ cgi pages). Could anyone tell me what might cause this? (Is there something different about a remote service check that might cause the .wav to not be played?)