No data in rrd directory /var/opt/nagiosgraph/rrd


Dear all,

Please help me solve this problem.

I have followed all configurations as … ph/INSTALL

but when i test it in browser, i get the following message

No data in rrd directory /var/opt/nagiosgraph/rrd

Please help…



Have you installed nagiosgraph in /var/opt?
what’s in the nagiosgraph log file?


Dear Luca,

I have installed rrdtool too.
I have extracted nagiosgraph at /root/Desktop.
I have installed nagiosgraph at /opt/nagiosgraph.
I have copied /root/Desktop/nagiosgraph/etc* to /etc/nagiosgraph
I have copied /root/Desktop/nagiosgraph/lib/ /usr/local/nagios/libexec
I have copied /root/Desktop/nagiosgraph/cgi/*.cgi /usr/local/nagios/sbin
I have copied /root/Desktop/nagiosgraph/share/nagiosgraph.css /usr/local/nagios/share
I have copied /root/Desktop/nagiosgraph/share/nagiosgraph.js /usr/local/nagios/share

Edited /etc/nagiosgraph/nagiosgraph.conf
logfile = /var/log/nagiosgraph.log
cgilogfile = /var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log
perflog = /var/nagios/perfdata.log
rrddir = /var/nagios/rrd
mapfile = /etc/nagiosgraph/map
nagiosgraphcgiurl = /nagios/cgi-bin
javascript = /nagios/nagiosgraph.js
stylesheet = /nagios/nagiosgraph.css

 mkdir /var/nagios/rrd
 chown nagios /var/nagios/rrd
 chmod 755 /var/nagios/rrd

 touch /var/log/nagiosgraph.log
 chown nagios /var/log/nagiosgraph.log
 chmod 644 /var/log/nagiosgraph.log

 touch /var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log
 chown www /var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log
 chmod 644 /var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log

 In nagios.cfg at /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg


 In command.cfg
 define command {
                             command_name  process-service-perfdata
                             command_line  /usr/local/nagios/libexec/

verified and reloaded nagios without errors and when tested in broswer with the link


received/displayed some outputs about the contents------>seems fine

and when tested with the link server/nagios/cgi-bin/show.cgi the error message is

                    No data in rrd directory /var/nagios/rrd

So, these are all my configurations, please let me know where are my errors in configuration.

I have not posted rest configurations here after receiving this error(seems not related for this error)

Thanks in advance for your help.



anything in the log file?


Dear Luca,

I am sorry because i forgot to write about logs.

/var/log/nagiosgraph.log is empty
/var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log is empty
/var/nagios/perfdata.log is not empty(contains data of other services not of the one service being used)

Please let me know what is the thing missing here.



I have the same exact problem.

Have you solve this problem.

Mind lending me a hand please?


if the nagiosgraph log files are emtpy it’s probably not running correctly, probably it’s not getting any perfdata…


Dear luca,

i have reconfigured my nagiosgraph. Everything was fine but i couldnt set the path and directories. Now nagios graph is working perfectly. Anyways thank you so much. And i still have one problem…

Please suggest…



/var/log/nagiosgraph.log is empty
/var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log is not empty(contains the information about No rrd data found)
/var/nagios/perfdata.log is empty.

Please let me know what is the thing missing here.