No email alert received


My two problems:

  1. Status of the host did not change after the recovery.
  2. I received HOST DOWN ALERT but when things get recovered, i don’t received any HOST RECOVERY ALERT.

my /var/mail/nagios is :

-rw-rw---- 1 nagios mail 0 Oct 16 00:17 nagios

Here is the image of my nagios. … _error.JPG

Hope someone can help with this problem


You posted this in another thread I’m sure. Please don’t do that.
The problem is that you are looking at old data perhaps. More that one nagios running, maybe you don’t have a good check command in your hosts.cfg, so the service comes back “OK”, but yet the host check is simply no good and gives no output.

For example:
HostA with service1. Service check runs fine so the host is now checked so we can update the stats to “ok”. but my host check is spelled wrong, i.e. check-hoost-alive or some such thing.
Edited Sat Oct 22 2005, 06:12AM ]