No Services notification on Host down?


Hi, here is my problem:
I am monitoring an exchange server and sometimes we have to reboot it. The problem is that when we reboot it, there is only a small non-pingable time, which makes hard to detect that the host is down. So we start receiving notifications for all services. We don’t want to receive services notifications when the host is down, but only the “Host down notification”. Is there any way(s) to do so ?

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Hi again,

I forgot to mention that my supervisor does’nt feel comfortable with the “Downtime Scheduling”, so if it’s a part of the solution, just don’t reply so you won’t waste your time

Thank you again ! I’m waiting for answers…

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That’s strange…on my setup, if a host goes down, I only get notification that the host is down. Perhaps it has something to do with check intervals, as in, if you’re checking to make sure the host is up less often than you’re checking services, then you get service notifications until the host down notification kicks in.


it should be automatic… if services go down before notifying the check_host_alive command is run… usually a plain ping. is this check configured?



Thanks guys, that’s most likely my problem. What are the intervals for hosts and services checking are you guys using ? And how many times you check them ?

Thanks !

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most services every 10 minutes, few every 5 or 30 minutes…
recheck at 1 minute, notify at 3rd failure, 4th notification for critical services goes off via SMS (so somwhere in the 18-23 minutes downtime range)



I’ve got a smaller network, only 43 services between the 19 hosts. I check them all every minute (boss’ orders), retry is one minute, notification e-mail on third, trying to figure out how to send SMS notification to my phone as well. Would you mind cluing me in a bit there, luca? I’ve been using the address1 field and the $USERADDRESS1$ macro using at 10-digit cell phone number, but that’s not working.


Our network is soemthing over 100 hosts and more than 700 services… keep in mind that much depends on the hardware you have and on the network performances when it comes to high numbers.

We have an SMS gateway box here.
Don’t ask me HOW it works i don’t know for me it’s like a mail-server i send the email to [email protected] and get the SMS.

Many cell phone prviders have possibilities for commercial mail to SMS gateways ask them :wink:

Pay much attention while configuring… it can get very expensive if you miss something and the net goes down and you have 2-3000 SMS messages in one night :smiley: