Noob error


I’m new to both Nagios and to a lesser extent Linux (Debian Lenny). I have made a simple error in the config of Nagios and I cannot work out for the life of me where. All my weblinks point to /nagiso/cgi-bin/*.cgi. Simple sausage finger error. Where do I change this? Everything else has been a breeze.

you need to redo the configure step. :wink:

./configure --with-command-group=nagcmd
is usually enough.

check the ubuntu quickstart guide too : … buntu.html

Wow, thanks for the quick reply luca but that hasnt made a difference, I’ve yet to look at the link you provided, so I will have a look there.

Thanks again.

did you recompile too? :slight_smile:

eh no…like I said a noob :smiley:

Thats got it…got an object configuration error now…which without any configuration I should expect to see.

Thanks luca.

check the compile output messages, you can create example config files with

make install-config