normal_check_interval under 1 minute?


Is it possible to set normal_check_interval to under 1 minute intervals?




How do you specify a timeframe < 1?


edit nagios.cfg


This is the seconds per unit interval as used in the

host/contact/service configuration files. Setting this to 60 means

that each interval is one minute long (60 seconds). Other settings

have not been tested much, so your mileage is likely to vary…



I strongly suggest you read the nagios docs and also make sure you understand what each and every single setting in that nagios.cfg file actually does and is used for. If not, then you will never truely know nagios.


Thanks for the info and I’ll read the docs again.


What about if you want to leave most service checks with a default of 1 minute, and some checks to occur every 15 seconds?.. can you simply use normal_check_interval=15s to override the interval_length?