Notification interval issue


This is probably one of the top 10 questions asked by people.

But im having this little problem. I have an asterisk server, and i created this small check-command that makes the asterisk server to call my cellphone.

The thing is that, back then, before the cellphone notification stuff, when i only used to have the mail notification service. i didnt mind getting about 10000 mails saying that certain host is down, but now. You people imagine your cell phones ringing like 100000000000000 times EVERY day.

So, the thing is that, i would like to get the mail and phone notification Three times in a row, but after that, to stop sending mails and making calls to my cellphone.

is That possible?

    check_interval                    1
    retry_interval                      1
    max_check_attempts         1
    notification_interval             3

This way, it calls me each minut, thats ok. Cause i want to get the 3 notifications with a rate of 1 minut each. but how do i stop it from sending notifications 4ever?.