Notification periods and warnings

There are some services that I want to send out warning alerts during the daytime, but want a critical alert sent 24x7. As far as I can see, there is no way to do this. Any suggestions?

Example: A timeperiod called daytime is defined with the period 8am to 8pm, all seven days. When the disk space is at the warning stage, e.g. 85% full, send a warning alert during daytime, but don’t bother waking anyone at 3am for something that can wait. If the disk space becomes critical, perhaps at 95%, send an alert 24x7.

Looking at it, I think the best way to acheive what you are looking for, is to create two service checks for the same host. One only checks and notifies during the Daytime period and includes critical and warning notifications. The other service checks and notifies a Nightime period and only includes critical notifications.

Basically you would have one check that operates 8am-8pm and one check that operates 8pm-8am. By having them only check during the specified period, you don’t run duplicate checks on the same service.

Kinda round-about, but it would do what you want.

That was what I originally thought I had to do, but then I came up with a better idea. For the main contact I set the “c,r” service notification flags with the notification period of 24x7. I created a nearly identical contact with the service notification flag “w” and the time period “daytime”. Both contacts are the same person (me) and are in the same contactgroup that is referenced by the services I’ve configured.

Unless there is a fundamental flaw in my logic, this should do the job.

That sounds like it will work, good thinking. Let me know how it goes.