notifications_enabled flag doesn't work?


Hi. I’m using nagios v1.2. For some reason, even when I set the notifications_enabled flag to ‘0’ for a service, it still sends out service notifications. For example:

define service {
    host_name                      dmx-test1
    service_description            passive_check_missing::Multiplexer::snmp_trap_handling_unknown::dmx-test1::Primary 
    name                           passive_check_missing::Multiplexer::snmp_trap_handling_unknown::dmx-test1::Primary 
    use                            passive_check_missing::Multiplexer::snmp_trap_handling_unknown 
    register                       1      
    check_command                  passive_check_missing
    notifications_enabled          0                 
    contact_groups                 Development

Even with notifications disabled, I still get service notifications from this service when something alertable happens.

If I set the notification_period to ‘never’ (an empty timeperiod), then notifications appropriately stop coming in.

Is there a bug in the notifications_enabled value? Is there something that could be overriding this value, and forcing the notifications through?

Anyone have any thoughts?
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did you enbable/disable them from the website or only from the config file? try from the web too.



Yes, when I “Disable notifications for all services on this host” it stops notifications. So that’s good to know, but I don’t plan to use the web interface for disabling service notifications in this way.

The DISABLE_HOST_SVC_NOTIFICATIONS obviously doesn’t involve modifying any config files, since it did not cause nagios to restart itself. I would like to disable service notifications at purely a config file level.

Is this possible? Is it a bug that the flag is ignored?

On a similar note, I’m noticing something similar with the ‘process_perf_data’ flag on a service. Whether it’s set to ‘1’ or not, the perf data is still sent to the ‘service_perfdata_command’ command. This is also annoying, since it seems that the ability to change this flag should allow me to halt the processing of perf data on a given service. The flag appears to be neuter though.

Are these bugs, or are there higher levels of control over these services that override what is set in the service config file? That is, does another config file override this stuff?

#4 … tion_notes

That should answer all of your questions about why…


Thank you. That makes complete sense now.

That section doesn’t recommend disabling the retaintion of nonstatus information, as it may results in “unexpected” results. Any thoughts on what these results might be, and what the dangers are of ignoring the nonstatus info?

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Dunno, I just use the web interface. It’s not all that hard anyhow.