Notifications When Things are Good?


Version: 3.0.6
We keep getting the following:

***** Nagios *****

Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: DNS
Address: 67.XX.XX.XX

Date: 07-24-2009

Additional Info:

PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 9.16 ms

Does anyone have any idea why? I’m pretty new at Nagios so I have no idea where to even look.


is there a negate in your command or service definition?


Like a -1? I did see in the check external commands a -1 that means it checks the commands as much as possible. I set it to a 1 to see if it changes anything. I’m not at work today so I have no idea if this fixed it.


I’m starting to think that Nagios is correctly stating that there are problems on this server. When I run the plugin manually it times out. I changed it from yahoo to google, and get the same result. For the most part it seems to work, but sometimes it times out. It could be server load or something.


it looks like you misdefined the service, calling it DNS but effectively checking a ping time…

check_dns should return something completely different…



You’re right. I copy and pasted the wrong thing. It should be something like this:

DNS OK: 0.013 seconds response time. returns,


what do the notifications and logs pages show? are the notifications marked in red or green?


The email notifications are just one color…black…is that what you mean? They’re basically like what I posted above, but with the DNS message being about a plugin timeout. When I ran the command manually I also got a timeout. The third or fourth time running it I got the right response.

Maybe there is something wrong with the server. I saw that the bind process went up to 56%. Maybe the process goes up so much that it causes that problem? I’m not sure how to troubleshoot a DNS server. :frowning:


i meant the notification color in the nagios notification page :slight_smile: