NRPE 2.12 check_swap Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Hi all,

A strange one here. I have installed NRPE and the plugins on a Ubuntu server and all works fine. However when I then install it on one of my live red hat enterprise linux servers the check_swap command stops working. I get the following:

check_swap NRPE Unable to read output

I have turned debugging on and I get the following:

Return code 3, Output: NRPE: Unable to read output

Any ideas? I have tried the permissions tweaks on the check_swap file already but to no avail.

I can run the check_swap locally and get the correct result. Running the NRPE commend either locally or remotely gives me this result.

Any ideas???




I think check_swap is only for localhost machines, so I assume you will have to install check_swap on the remote machine also, and define the command in nrpe.cfg.
Follow the instructions here:


Hi Albin,

This has all been done and is working sucessfully on other boxes. I am wondering if the swap permissions are not correct on this box.

I will pass the issue on to our unix guru seeing as i do not think is it anything i have done.

Cheers for the info.