NRPE_Do I need to install Nagios on remote hosts?

On the remote hosts, after installing NRPE and Nagios-plugin, should I also install Nagios on the remote servers too? If so, since some of my remote are windows and Novell, I don’t know if Nagios is compatible with these OS?


You do not need to install Nagios. However, there are two different versions of NRPE: one for Windoze and one for *nix. Check out Nagiosexchange and make sure that you’ve got the NRPE daemon for Windows.

Also on the NagiosExchange will you find the NT plugins of local checks (for disk checks and such), as the plugins found on *nix installs of Nagios will not work on Windows, either. The plugins and NRPE daemon for *nix are not compatible with Windows machines.

Got it. Thank you very much. When I installed plug-ins on the central host, it automatically installed under certain Nagios directry (/nagios/libexe, etc). Thus, I got very confusued and don’t know which directory I should put plug-ins in the remote hosts (without Nagios installed on them).

On Linux, it doesn’t really matter where you install NRPE or the plugins. Use the init-script provided, and edit it the lines pointing to the path where nrpe.cfg file and the nrpe daemon to match where you’ve placed them on your system. You’ll also need to edit the appropriate lines in nrpe.cfg to get the correct paths to your plugins.

The vast majority of the systems I’ve monitoring are *nix machines, and there are only a few Windows machines, so I’m not as familiar with using NRPE on them. I know that you’ll still need to edit nrpe.cfg to point to your plugins. As far as where to place that file in relation to the actual daemon…well, I just place everything in one folder and it seems to work fine, as unorganized as that may seem.

You’d probably want to place the NRPE daemon and the config file in the same folder. It won’t matter where the plugings are, as you can edit nrpe.cfg to point to them.
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Thanks! Your advice is very helpful. I am testing now.