NRPE Not Accessible from Monitoring Host


I have installed NRPE on a couple of unix servers with no problems what so ever. But a collegue has installed it on 2 of his Linux servers and doing a local check_nrpe works fine, but cannot do if from the monitoring host.

We have gone through the instructions step by step which has worked previously but not in this case.

Any suggestions?
Netstat shows it’s listening on port 5666, **check_nrpe -H localhost **returns the correct value, the monitoring host is collecting data from other NRPE agents.



Did you check that the monitoring server’s IP is in the allows hosts list in nrpe.cfg on the client?


Makes a significant difference when you are given the correct ip address of the remote host. Turns out is was given the wrong ip and trying to communicate with a different host. All is now good.