NSCA with Windows Clients


I had configure and have NSCA running in my Nagios Central Server. I have a few windows machine running at remote sites where i would need to collect the process information.

  1. How can i make the windows client send the information to Central Server??
  2. What is the define service configurations should be done at the Central Server??



I had downloaded the send_nsca_win32 from Nagios Exchange. i had created a test message and execute the command (same as what i did in the Nagios Central Server) and i get the data packet sent as below.

C:\NSCA\send_nsca_win32_bin>send_nsca.exe -H -c send_nsca_original
.cfg < test.txt
1 data packet(s) sent to host successfully.

However I still wondering how should i work about it to send a useful information and get it displayed at the webpage to indicated the service is up or down???

How should i configure the define service file??




nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/2_0/ … hecks.html
nsca addon. The addon consists of a daemon that runs on the Nagios hosts and a client that is executed from remote hosts. The daemon will listen for connections from remote clients, perform some basic validation on the results being submitted, and then write the check results directly into the external command file (as described above). More information on the nsca addon can be found here…

External applications can submit host check results to Nagios by writing a PROCESS_HOST_CHECK_RESULT external command to the external command file.

The format of the command is as follows:

] PROCESS_HOST_CHECK_RESULT;<host_name>;<host_status>;<plugin_output>


Of course, since you are submitting results to the external command file, via nsca, you will have to have a service and host defined on the central nagios server that matches exactly what you have defined in your remote setup.


This is what i did.

At central server

  1. in nagios.cfg

  2. in service.cfg

define service{
use generic-service
host_name XP
service_description GRM-External
active_checks_enabled 0
passive_checks_enabled 1
is_volatile 0
check_period 24x7
max_check_attempts 4
normal_check_interval 5
retry_check_interval 1
contact_groups admins
notification_interval 20
notification_period 24x7
check_command check_dummy!3

At remote host (Windows Client)

  1. Install send_nsca_win32

  2. created a check program which will output a file with following syntax
    XP GRM-External 2 This is a Test Error

  3. Initiate send_nsca to send the file to Central Server

Unfortunately, at the nagios web i can only see : Status - Pending “Service is not scheduled to be checked…”

is there anything wrong with my configuration??



Unfortunately, at the nagios web i can only see : Status - Pending "Service is not scheduled to be checked…"
YOu see that, becuase nagios doesn’t schedule passive checks, and you have active checks disabled. So that is what is expected to be seen.
But your check program you wrote is at fault and doesn’t conform to to the rules that need to be followed, or SYNTAX.
nagios.org/developerinfo/ext … and_id=114


I had edit the text file with the syntax provided


However, the status of the service is still remain unchanged.
I tried to tail -f /var/spool/nagios/rw/nagios.cmd
i cannot see any response either.


Your syntax looks to be faulty still. Follow the guide on the url I provided.



I need help with this too…

Well, I created a file with this line inside:

PROCESS_SERVICE_CHECK_RESULT;“Server_Client”;“Server_Desc”;“0”;“Service OK”

So, I call the NSCA with this command:

send_nsca.exe -H NAGIOS_SERVER -c send_nsca.cfg < file.txt

I receive this message…

0 data packet(s) sent to host successfully.

What I need to fix to it work?