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I would like to know if there exist a add-on/configuration method to have remote clients passively ftp their alerts (My client has a very strict general “remote_clients->specific-central_out-of-our-control_FTP_server_put_only” policy).
It should be like http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Addons/Passive-Checks/NSCAweb/details just with (S)FTP instead of HTTP(S)… preferably directly from all remote-clients and to a out-of-our-control central-FTP-server. The central-nagios-server would then be able to get it “locally” (site-wise) from this server…
Remote_site clients (-> Remote Nagios Servers) -> FTP_put only -> central_out-of-our-control_FTP_server <- FTP get <- central-nagios-server

I guess it would be possible to get FTP files from central-ftp-server and put input into nagios.cmd on central-nagios-server somehow, but how about the remote clients (or remote nagios servers if needed). Anyone knows a better way, or the best way to do this ?

Any input is welcome…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: !


Anyone ?


Couldn’t this actually simply be achieved with local nagios servers and simple notify-host-by-ftp and notify-service-by-ftp scripts ?

  • how do I then import these notifications from the central FTP server to the central Nagios monitoring server (via nagios.cmd?) ?


But then again this would only give me a overview of notified hosts/services and not unnotified hosts/services…
Hmmm how is this possible…

Anyone ?