Hello all:

Running into an issue; Here is my example:

Come to work from the weekend and notice one of my windows servers was reporting that my uptime, C:\ free space and special .exe service was “not running”.

I logon remotely to the server and mouse over the NSClient++ icon on the taskbar and it disapears, so I assumed that the process stopped somehow, I always have to restart NSClient++ every so often - at that point it shows as a RECOVERY and everything is all fine.

Is there anyway I can have nagios send a notification email that “Communication with the client has stopped” instead of it reporting that these services are not running when they actually are? Please give some recommendation/remedies.

Thanks in advance,




what you could do is:
change the host check command, so that, instead of doing a check_ping, the command does a check_nrpe
=> when nsc++ is running, it will answer its version and return a OK status
when it is not running, it won’t answer, so you’ll get a “connection refused by host” or something like that

(and when the host is down, it will do the same, so you won’t miss any notification).

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile: