Nsclient and no output


I have nsclient installed (tested this by using checkagent.pl) and running as a service on a laptop. I have nagios running trying to do 2 things, 1. check_ping and 2. to get cpu load. The check command and service throws no errors and when I view the nagios client, I see that there is “no output” error message being reported.

I am confused as to whether I should put some type of check_nt file on the windows box…or I am just messing things up firther by trying to get cpu load for a dell laptop.



if you get the value in the windows performance monitor pNSclient can retrieve it and answer to nagios interrogations.

and yes CPULoad is among those values. :slight_smile:
the check_nt plugin should have already a predefined value for CPULoad.

i’m using:
which is defined as:
$USER1$/check_nt -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -v CPULOAD -l $ARG1$,$ARG2$,$ARG3$



Okay, I checked what I had versus what you have in services and checkcommand and they are the same.

I looked in the event viewer and found this:
NSClient CollectData: Call to retrieve counter value for \Processor(_total)% Processor Time failed, returning status code 2147485654.

–I have now added the check clientversion command and it is being reported as no output (though when I run the checkagent perl script, it finds PNS running on the client. –

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