NV-CUDA: a new way in virtualization is possible?


Hello all!

I’m a KVM/Qemu user for a long time and I’m very satisfied by its features of flexibility, power and portability - really a good project!

Recently, reading some technical articles over internet, I have discoverd the big potentialities of the NV-CUDA framework in relation to the scientific and graphic computing that takes strong advantage from the most recent GPUs. Someone has used it for password recovery, realtime rendering, etc, with great results.

It would be possible to use this technology in the KVM/Qemu project to achieve better performance?
It could be a significative step for the develop in virtualization technology?

Someone, in experimental way, has (re)wrote the md-raid kernel modules using the CUDA framework to accelerate some features… and it seems that works fine.
Why not for KVM/Qemu or related projects, including kernel/user-space extension?

What do you think about this draft idea?

Any feedback is welcome…