Old Nagios version - 200/XP Hosts (Need easy quick assistanc


I believe the version is Nagios 1.3 on an OpenSUSE 10.1 x64 box. It was installed with the RPM package which explains why it is so old. I’m not about to update it, so here it goes…

I have a lot of servers loaded in there from the previous configurations. I added a new 2003 server to the configurations, but now we get tons of notifications saying the host is down or critical. The following are critical:
CPU Load
Client Version
Disk Space
Memory Usage

However, “Ping” still works. I do not want to disable the other features.

I’m almost positive there is a program out there that has to be loaded on the server, in order for it to talk to the Nagios plugin. I think it’s NSCA? I tried this program: nsclient.ready2run.nl/ but couldn’t get it to work.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


The NSCA addon is designed to accept passive host and service check results from clients that use the send_nsca utility (also included in this package) and pass them along to the Nagios process by using the external command interface. The NSCA daemon can either be run as a standalone daemon or as a service under inetd. If you have libmcrypt installed on your systems, you can choose from multiple crypto algorithms (DES, 3DES, CAST, xTEA, Twofish, LOKI97, RJINDAEL, SERPENT, GOST, SAFER/SAFER+, etc.) for encrypting the traffic between the client and the server. Encryption is important in this addon, as it prevents unauthorized users from sending bogus check results to Nagios. Read the included SECURITY document for more information.

sourceforge.net/project/download … r=internap


You may need NSClient. If so, once you install NSClient on the 2003 server, you will need to allow it to run by adding it to the DEP list. Then the service will start and you should get the responses you want.

This is assuming that the check’s that Nagios is running is with the check_nt plugin.

Hope that helps.


That helped tremendously. Now, I just have to sit back and wait for the server to update. Thanks.