Opsview for Nagios users

Is Nagios still the benchmark for IT monitoring? Their makers claim that it’s the “industry-standard in IT infrastructure monitoring”. Considering that they have over 250,000 users worldwide it is easy to understand why this self-prophetic claim is still being supported by its fervent community. However, the IT monitoring landscape is changing and the presence of other players like Opsview are seriously shaking the status-quo.

Opsview is wrapped around Nagios so it embraces and supports Nagios technology. Unlike Nagios, it comes with an intuitive user interface, clean distributed monitoring and extended availability reporting capabilities. By providing a GUI with dashboards and view ports Opsview brings IT monitoring back in the hand of business users.

Many companies use Nagios core as their monitoring system to track hardware and software issues before they impact system availability. Nagios is a well respected framework with a strong legacy in the IT monitoring community, but despite its popularity, it isn’t for the faint-hearted. Its configuration can be proven to be complex, time-consuming and has been described by former Nagios users as being non-user friendly.

Opsview help companies reduce operational costs and increase IT efficiency by reducing the time spent on configuration work load. This improved usability means that users can save significant resources on integration and manageability costs and maximise incremental profitability.
Opsview helps IT management improve the economics of infrastructure management with integrated, automated, performance analysis and fault isolation technologies. But don’t just take our words for it, come and see it for yourself! (opsview.com).


 I accept that the GUI of "opsview" is really user friendly and more easy in configuring hosts and predefined services check. However, it is OS specific and consumes more system resources. Nagios core is light weight monitoring tool which can be customized according to your needs. Installing and configuring Nagios is not all that complicated, it takes some time for new users to understand it. Otherwise its a great open source monitoring tool!!!!