Pages in servicedetail with Nagios 3.2.0 or limit objects?


Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking for information about it but found nothing, now I have installed Nagios 3.2.0 host to about 1000 and 15000 services.

The problem I have is that when clicking on detail service, it takes quite a bit and move it in the browser is slow, you know if is possible to implement a system of sites? or show only a certain number of objects?.

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use the textbox to insert the first part of a server name and it will show only the servers matching that string… I don’t think there’s a “page view”, at least not in nagios, and patching it somehow will probably break future updates…
Maybe somebody with a big install will answer and tell how they solved this. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, but the idea is not to lose the functionality of the service or host detail detail: (I have seen that there is functionality in Nagios XI but not if someone has ported to Nagios 3.X, and as you say if will implement it done for me what would lose in an upgrade.

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hostgroups may help somehow… not sure if it’s a viable option in your case.


I’m afraid not :frowning:

Thanks for your interest


This is what I want for Nagios 3.x


Uploaded with



Hi all

I opted to use the project the truth is that I offer this pagination in the interface and delivers improved performance in conjunction with mklive.

Thanks to all