Parse Nagios v2 nagios.log file



We’ve installed Nagios 2.9, but policy is that we use Ingres as the DB, not MySQL.
We’ve copied the MySQL tables into Ingres.
I’m primarily interested in importing the nagios.log info into the nagios_logentries table.

The problem I’ve got is deducing the values for the logentry_type column, as this value is not in the log recs.

I’ve had a look through the src code for loading archive logs, but it seeems to hardcode them all to zero :frowning:
ie dbhandlers.c:ndo2db_handle_logentry line 526,

/* what type of log entry is this? */


Can anybody tell me a simple method to match msgs to type nums pls?
Ps I’ll be using Perl to do this.