Passive Checks for snmptraps in List Detail View


I have configured Nagios to recieve and handle snmptraps sent from a third party product using “Passive” checks, and it works and displays quite well.

Unfortunately our NOC uses the “List Detail” view, which only shows “Active” checks. I have had a feeble hack of the, and have only managed to get the Service out of “Disabled Checks” table in the “List Detail” view. Unable to display it in the “Service Summary” table, as required by our NOC.

I cannot make the service “Active” as it displays an error for what ever the time check interval is set to, and this is not acceptable to our NOC.

I have looked through the threads and couldn’t find anything related to this, only another similar question.

Has anyone had any experience with this?




I have found out that the was written in-house.

Please close this thread.