Passive Checks on Windows Servers using NC_Net and NSCA




Basically, the central nagios server does not active checks, only passive. But on the central server you do enable freshness checking. Read the urls provided and if you still have trouble, let us know.

Since your nagios.log is showing what you pasted, then the passive data is getting to nagios, but you aren’t handling it correctly.
The exact host/servicedescription must be on both matchines. It’s only the check command that is different. The remote machine performs the actual check, and the Central server only performs a check_freshness if and only if 1200 seconds(or whateever you setup) have elapsed with no data to this service/host.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

After triple checking everything, and reading through the links again, it turns out my service descriptions were wrong. Apparently, the service description has to match the check_nt function name. That is, clientversion, uptime, etc. Once I changed this and set a freshness threshold, everything started working.

It sort of throws my naming scheme off a little, but hey, that’s why I’m doing this in a test environment first.

Nagios is an awesome piece of software. It’s been a steep learning curve for me because my *nix skills are rusty from years of NT system administration. I have to say, I love fedora, it’s come a long way.

Again, thanks!