Passive host checks


i am running groundworks nagios on my machine,everything is working successfully except with passive host checks.
passive host checks are not working for me ,here is my configuration file

    # Arguments:
    #  $1 = host_name (Short name of host that the service is
    #       associated with)
    #  $2 = svc_description (Description of the service)
    #  $3 = state_string (A string representing the status of
    #       the given service - "OK", "WARNING", "CRITICAL"
    #       or "UNKNOWN")
    #  $4 = plugin_output (A text string that should be used
    #       as the plugin output for the service checks)

    # Convert the state string to the corresponding return code

    case "$3" in
           DOWN )


    # pipe the service check info into the send_nsca program, which
    # in turn transmits the data to the nsca daemon on the central
    # monitoring server

    /usr/bin/printf "%s\t%s\t%s\n" "$1" "$return_code" "$4" | /usr/local/groundwork/bin/send_nsca central server -c /usr/local/groundwork/etc/send_nsca.cfg

define command {
command_name submit_host_check_result
command_line $USER2$/submit_host_check_result $HOSTNAME$ $HOSTSTATE$ ‘$HOSTOUTPUT$’
here USER2=/usr/local/groundwork/nagios/eventhandlers
passive service checks are working properly
please anyone help in passive host checks,thanks in advance for any help


most likely the service checks are working and the host checks are not, due to the fact that host checks are never made by nagios, unless a service check fails. So make the service fail, and perhaps the host check will work then.
Also, it helps a great deal, to run your command by hand first, to make sure it works. If it doesn’t, then paste the output here. i might say something like “command not found” or whatever.