Passwordless authentication to different directory

Good day

I hope you all are enjoying your week.

I am configuring a vsftpd server and the requirements are:

  1. I need a user “resourcesadmin” with home directory “/var/www/resources” with password authentication and FTP with write access (already done)
  2. I need another user “resources” without home directory (already done)
  3. I need the user “resources” to have read access to “/var/www/resources” (tried with user_config_dir and local_root="/var/www/resources" without success (500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/home/resources))
  4. I need the user “resources” to have access without a password (don’t even know how to do it).

All that without anonymous access.

I wonder if any of you can help me or give me some guidance or advice on how to make the configuration.

If some piece of a file is necessary in order to better understand the problem, I will be glad to provide it.

Thank you.