Pending State


Hello Ladies and Gents,
I have added some hosts to my Nagios but they are all in Pending State for the past 20 hours! There was a note in FAQ to disable and enable hosts and that should do it. I tried doing that and got error that /var/nagios/var/rw/nagios.cmd could not be opened. I checked the FAQ again and found the permission must be changed and httpd to be restarted. I did all that and still cannot disable/enable and still have my hosts in pending state. Can anyone help?



Did you restart Nagios too?
If not i know it won’t be of much help…
Try following the instructions again step by step and search for the point you are missing…



Follow instructions in “nagios/docs/commandfile.html”. It’s quite involved, but you must do it, if you want to use external commands.
Let us know how it turns out. BTW, a host will not be checked, unless the service fails. But luca is correct, you can force a check, by disabling/enabling the host check( I forgot about that trick, thx luca).


Thanks for the replies. The issue was adding the httpd user to the nagios group. After that the problem went away.