Performance data not being passed


Hi all,
I’m using nagiostat to monitor temperatures and diskspaces. all works well except it sometimes stops receiving data from nagios.
Checking the debug.log the last info written is data passed from nagios…
This now happened two times…
Gave it a “nagios reload” and all works again, anybody had this before?

Thanks, Luca


Well, I noticed that I was getting reports of HEC errors, but the count of errors was not showing up in the graph. The graph had a blank spot, where the data was supposed to go. I had debug off, so I couldn’t tell what was going on. But yea, I think it was a reboot that fixed me too, since I could never figure out exactly what was happening.


will try to keep an eye on this… anyway in my case debug showed simply nothing, seems like nagios stopped calling nagiostat (wrongly wrote nagiosgraph here before) for data insertion in the RRD files… not really a big problem as nagios continues working.

Thank you.


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got it again… it’s nagios which stops working… :x
(obviously no data is passed to nagiostat)

Now i have to find WHY it stops… :cry: