Perl plugin install help

Hi, I’m fairly new to nagios but have so far had some great results. It is monitoring almost everything i need.

I have seen a few plugins i would like to use but have no idea how i woud install/use them please can any one help? 2 example of plugins I would like to use are: … us/details

and … te/details

Any help would be great.


Both you pointed out were for SNMP. So here are 2 options.

Download and use custom scripts.
Simply download the .pl script and place it in $USER1$ usually something like /usr/local/lib/nagios. Update the path to perl at the top of the script (“which perl” on most *inx systems with give you the path.) Update any other paths that may be required. Then update the script to have execute permissions 755 or something.

Use the existing SNMP check. I just setup a bunch of these today.

define command{
command_name check_snmp
command_line $USER1$/check_snmp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $ARG1$ -o $ARG2$ -s $ARG3$

define service {
use generic-service
service_description FastEthernet0/0
check_command check_snmp!puclic!ifOperStatus.1!"up(1)"
host_name *******