Personalised Web Interface


Hi Experts,
Lately, I’ve been looking for methods to create “personalised” web interfaces for every Nagios user account.
This would mean, I would like to remove certain areas in the default Nagios web interface (Eg. "General - Home, Documentation) only for user fabbie.
Is this possible?

So far, I still have zero success because whenever I edited the side.php/main.php, every account will see the same web interface.

While asking this, I was also thinking if personalising the web interface isnt possible, I could install a 2nd nagios system on the server, but, I’m concern that conflict could occur to the 1st nagios daemon running.

Any thoughts to this?


i wouldn’t even start… for every nagios update you’d need to redo the modifications.
Nagios has not been created with multiple users in mind so You’d be better off by writing an application which works above the nagios application… But i don’t know if it’s worth the effort.