Pleae clarify my doubt on plugins


I just started using nagios. Its features are excellent, but I am facing difficulties in using it. Here are few doubts in using nagios. Please clarify this.

  How can we use the plugins. I have downloaded nagios-plugins-1.4.11 but not able to know where should I use it. I mean to say that, to use a plugin what modification should we do in different files and I also want to know what are those different files.

Now i want to use syslog plugin and what should i do for this. I want to check whether the syslog service is running in the systems which nagios is monitoring. For this what should i add to commands.cfg and hosts.cfg.



I am very much dissapointed with the help that i am getting from other members of this forum.
I dont think this is the case only with me. I see number of threads with zero replies.
Is there no one who can help to the newbies
Please think once.




I’m sorry, but, for my part, I’m trying to reply to posts on my work time => I don’t have much time to do that. (note: I’m just a nagios user…)

So, I can basically answer direct questions that can be answered in a few lines and that is not easilly found on the internet.

However, your questions in this post are really broad and would require a few pages to be answered; and more than that, a few minutes on the internet/nagios doc and you can find the answers.

So, for my part, sorry: I have to sort the postes I will answer …


Ok, now that’s just not nice. I and a number of other people like Loose, MP et al have spent a great deal of time recently helping the newer members of this community, including you, as best we can when we feel we can offer something constructive. All in our free time as well… it’s not like any of us are anything to do with developing nagios or are getting paid for any of this. Nor are we on here 24x7, so it’s luck of the draw whether anyone see’s a post at any one time. Sorry if that isn’t good enough for you. The documentation for nagios v3 is, whilst not brilliant, fairly good If you ask me, and you would do well to read it once. You want to know how “check_something” works? Then why not try “./check_something --help”. It’s all in the documentation. How do you ‘use’ a check plugin? Specify it in your service check object, and then define the check as a command object. The --help will tell you what arguments you should specify. Want to monitor something on a windows server? How 'bout read the ‘How to monitor a Windows machine’ section of the docs. A linux server? A Public service? All in the docs.

Read the documentation properly, absorb what it is saying, extrapolate it out to what you want to do, and apply your new found knowledge. If you get stuck, by all means come back with a question on your specific issue, pasting appropriate error messages, object definitions, log extracts and the like. But please, at least make an attempt at doing it for yourself before coming back on here and expecting it all to be done for you, and then, and I still can’t believe this, complaining that nobody helped. Seriously.


Sorry to all. I am very sorry. Actually I agree that you are helping others,especially newbies. I also learn many things from you. Especially Strides and Loose Helped me a lot in solving my problems.

As far as this thread, I felt very frustrated as I posted this thread on my joining to this forum but did not get any help till today.

I am really sorry to post like that.

Expecting you guys to continue the same help to newbies,