Plugin exe from Nagios has different behavior


Hello all… First off I am just getting started w/ Nagios and what an AMAZING product this is. I work for a VERY large Health care organization and we are changing the way we do business becuase of Nagios… So a BIG thank you to all!

K now my problem… I Have a script/plugin in perl that executes interactively perfectly. When I add it to nagios is gives me the following error:

	**ePN /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/vms/db_stat: "Use of uninitialized value in split at (eval 1) line 26,"

When I look at line 26 in my script it is blank. I do have the perl interp compiled into nagios. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


If you want and it would be very helpful, to give us the code of the script and the explanation what the script does and what output do you expect.
Maybe you could achieve what you want by not using the builtin perl interpreter, but the system one.

In command definition in Nagios in command_line put something like: