pnp4nagios counter instead of gauge


I wrote a wrapper for the check_mysql plugin to spit out performance data. That part works fine, but some of the data that is being generated is counter data, while the rest is gauge. The documentations seems to hint that output with the ‘c’ unit would be treated as a counter, but it’s not for me. It also mentioned setting the ‘datatype’ somewhere, but didn’t say where.

So first of all, has anyone had success doing this? Secondly, is it something with the output of the plugin, this is what is being spit out:

Uptime: 12788120 Threads: 1 Questions: 1250365 Slow queries: 10 Opens: 129305 Flush tables: 7105 Open tables: 42 Queries per second avg: 0.098 Slave IO: Yes Slave SQL: Yes Seconds Behind Master: 0 | threads=1 questions=1250365c SlowQueries=10 opens=129305c FlushTables=7105c OpenTables=42 QPS=0.098 behind=0s;5:10

Any thoughts on how to set this?