PNP4Nagios Installation Help


Hi all,

I don’t use Linux as much as I should and am having some difficulties with knowing how to install the prerequisites for PNP4Nagios. The following are the requirements and I would like to know what the ‘yum install’ commands would be:

[list]Perl >= 5.x without additional modules
RRDtool >= 1.x, better 1.2 but not compulsory. Attention: installing RRDtool without a packet manager might lead to missing dejavu fonts. If you see graphs without text then this may be the cause.
PHP >= 5.2. for the Webfrontend based on Kohana
PHP-extension zlib, session and GD.
Nagios >= 2.x or Icinga
Kohana needs the module “mod_rewrite” to be enabled. For details please have a look at the documentation of your web-server specific to your distribution.[/list:u]

Have already got Nagios 3.2.1 installed and working but just need some help with knowing how to install the above requirements on my CentOS 5.5 installation.




Hi Pete, long time… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d recommend you look for yum search or yum info… something which finds the packages containing certain strings in the name and start from there. (in debian it’s “aptitude search”).

mod_rewrite install is probably: “a2enmod rewrite”