PNP4Nagios - Problem with SNMP



I’m using nagios with the 3rd party software PNP4Nagios, and it functions pretty neat.
I got it setup to use the perfdata from nagios to graph all my services and hosts.

But it seems I’ve missed something in my configuration couse I can only see machines NOT monitored by SNMP (localhost and such), but those who are monitored by SNMP won’t make any data in the perfdata folder, is there something I should “enable” for this to happend?
I dont know where in my configuration this might be wrong and I can’t be arsed to post everything, so ask me about some certain configurationsnippets and I’ll gladly give it to you.

Best Regards
Lars Engstr


Hey there,

PNP takes whats called “perfdata” from your scheduled checks. PNP will only create a graph if there is perfdata in your plugin output. You may have to modify your existing checks to output perfdata, which is defined as anything after the | in your check output (your check should output “info info lalala | perfdata” for PNP to create rrd files). Make sure you follow nagios plugin standards ( … tml#AEN203) or PNP scripts will not be able to parse the data and will not create a graph for you.

Best of luck


Thank you, I belive I’ve read through that before, but I didn’t belive it applied to me but I’ll look into it.