pNSClient.exe overload CPU


Hi all guys :slight_smile:

I’ve got a problem on a windows 2003 nagios client.
I think something is running on the same 1248 port because everytime nagios client is running the cpu goes to 80% of load, and the pNSClient.exe goes to 40%.
I tryied to change the port parameter on regedit writing other ports (tryed 1500, 3600 etc etc) but nothing change.

I think the 1248 port is used by macromedia coldfusion but it is better not change it.
do anyone succesfull change nagios client port on win2003 ?

Really thanx.


CFServer should use port 8500 by default…



maybe the problem is not coldfusion… do you know how to run nagios client on other port?

Grazie :slight_smile:


hermes 1248 tcp
hermes 1248 udp

What is Hermes???


no idea… but it shouldn’t interest as long as you aren’t running that service…

“telnet serverip 1248” returns something if the pnsclient serice is stopped?



it just told me "connection refused"
Because the deamon is running but cannot establish a connection on that port!
very strange
of course the same deamon is running on other win2003 servers…
I know the solution is change OS… but unlucky I cannot :slight_smile:


do you have a system error on startup of the nsclient service?
if yes check this, i’m not sure whre i found this… but it helped here:

I got nailed with windows 2003 server sp1"s new Data
Execution Protection (DEP) (stack protection) today. I was
trying to install the nagios NS Client program on a server
with DEP turned on. When you tried to start the nagios agent
service you would get “System Error 1067 has occurred”.
Which means the process was aborted and windows says “The
process terminated unexpectedly”. To make an exception for
certain programs to run without DEP you need to do the
following in W2k3 SP1: Right click “My Computer” then
"Properties". Click the “Advanced” tab then click the
"Settings" button under the “Performance” section. Click on
the “Data Execution Prevention” tab and then click the radio
button “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except
those I select”. Then click the “Add” button and add your
exe you don"t want stack protection for. That problem was
fun to hunt down.

Ciao, Luca


yes… it helped me in many cases… but not in this.
Really thanx for you time Luca.
I just now need to know if there is other nagios client for win2003.