Polling configuration

We have some devices that we are watching…these devices could go down during the day and that would be OK for us…we wouldn’t want to be notified.

But if they have been down for 5 consecutive days, then we want to know about it.

Also, we would prefer they not show “red” when they are down during this 5 day period…maybe just a Warning?

I’m having trouble getting this working acceptably…mostly with regard to the host check vs. service check.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Mike B.

You would have to write your own service check plugin, which shouldn’t be all that hard. All check’s that I have seen, either give warning, critical, or OK even after ONE pass of the check.

Oh, wait a minute. For that service check that is going to fail, you could set in services.cfg:
normal_check_interval 5 ## that is 5 x 60sec or 5 minutes.
retry_check_interval 5
max_check_attempts 86400

5days x 24hrs/day = 120 hours
120 hours x 60min/hour = 7200 hours
7200 hours x 60 min/hour = 432000 minutes
432000 minutes x 1 retry/5 minutes = 86400 retries

During the retries, you will NOT be notified, but it will show up in the failed services, but only a SOFT state.

Personally, if it’s down for 4 days, and up for one, it’s not important enough to monitor in the first place.