"Predictive Dependency Checks" in nagios 3.x


Has anyone got “Predictive Dependency Checks” work in nagios 3.x?
From my understanding, when nagios detects a Host/Service down/critical status, it does an actual check of parents Host/Service instead of using a “cached” status in previous version and decided whether or not a notification should be sent out.
This is the most feature and reason I am testing right now to upgrade from 2.x -> 3.0, however I found it is not working for me.
I’ve read the documentation carefully and got things configured as below:

— In nagios.cfg ------



— In host_dependency.cfg -------------
define hostdependency{
host_name parent_host_A
dependent_host_name child_host_B
notification_failure_criteria d,u

I expected when child_host_B is down, it checks parent_host_A’s host state for real, if A is DOWN, nagios won’t send notification for host B. But now, it looks like it still checks the cached status for parent_host_A. Same thing happens to service dependency check.

Any ideas on what is happening and how to get it work?



Dear Peppermint,

Take a look at “Service dependencies” feature doesn’t work as expected!
I hope it helps. I’d very much appreciate if you could read my post and make any comments about it.

Best Regards,