Pretty CGI's


Hey guys and gals!

So, right now I am customizing my cgi’s so that they look pretty. The stylesheets go a long ways, but some of the coded-in HTML (such as table borders) can not be overridden by the CSS, and I may want to add my own stuff to the page as well.

I installed nagios (2.5) via an RPM (rhel) since I was in a rush when I first set it up. Anyways, i’ve tried grabbing the tarball (yes the versions match), editing the source cgi’s (all ive done so far is for example changing table border=1 to table border=0) then compiling them. Well they compile to about twice the size of the cgi’s I currently have. When i replace for example extinfo.cgi with my modified extinfo.cgi and then browse to my host extended info via the web page, it gives me

Error: Could not open CGI config file ‘’ for reading!

Any tips on what could be happening here?? File permissions are the same as the others. Should i mess about with ./configure options before compiling?
Am I going about this the wrong way, or are there other ways to modify the outputted html?