Problem receiving email


i thought there was problem in sendmail. Apparently, i receive email as host goes down (critical)… i configured nagios to notify via email when there are WARNING in services.cfg but the problem is it not sending email as services goes WARNING. Below is some of the config of my services.cfg. BTW, im using Nagios 2.0

define service{
host_name CACTI
service_description PING
is_volatile 0
check_period 24x7
max_check_attempts 1000
normal_check_interval 1
retry_check_interval 3
contact_groups NOC
notification_interval 60
notification_period 24x7
notification_options c,r,w
notifications_enabled 1
check_command check_ping!1.0,15%!5.0,50%

I tried to send email via terminal using mail command (e.g. mail email_add < test.txt -s “test” and i successfully receive the mail.

Is there a change in Nagios 2.0???


Also when the services goes CRITICAL, it also doesn’t receive email.


max_check_attempts 1000
normal_check_interval 1
retry_check_interval 3
So, if interval_length=60 in nagios.cfg then…
if this check fails, it will retry the check every 3 intervals, or 3 minutes. It will retry this service check for a max of 1000 times. That would make it 1000 x 3 minutes = 3000 min or 50 hours. Tell me, how long have you actually been waiting for this email? If has not been over 50 hours, then you need to wait a bit longer.


ok so i change 1000 to 5. It means 5 x 3 mins = 15 mins.
After this 15 mins, should i now receive email?