Problem to restart a Windows Service


Hi all!
I’m new to this forum and I want to thanks all for the gooooood works :wink:
FIrst of all, I’m newbie on Nagios. I’ve installed correctly on Ubuntu Server 8.10 and I’m trying to monitor some VirtualMachines based on Windows 2003. This works fine…I can monitor services, notification via email still works and so on.
Only a big big problem: I don’t know how, for example, due to a crash of a service (ex. DNS or Windows Update), restart it after a number (2 or 3) of checks attempts. I’ve seen around some command like win_service_restart but I’m not able to see any good result: service remain stopped…
Please help me to solve this issue! Where I can find docs/tutorial about these kind of issues?
Thanks so much for your support.
Best regards :slight_smile:


I don’t think I have seen any package witch let you restart services remotely from Nagios. Nagios is more a montoring solution.


Well, it is possible, by using Event Handlers. 8)