Problem whit timeperiods usage



When i’m using the timeperiods defined below (be-holidays), notifications are always blocked ( thus blocked 24x7… not really good…) :

Some U.S. holidays

Note: The timeranges for each holiday are meant to exclude the holidays from


treated as a valid time for notifications, etc. You probably don’t want your


going off on New Year’s. Although you’re employer might… :frowning:

define timeperiod{
name us-holidays
timeperiod_name us-holidays
alias U.S. Holidays

    january 1               00:00-00:00     ; New Years
    monday -1 may           00:00-00:00     ; Memorial Day (last Monday in M

july 4 00:00-00:00 ; Independence Day
monday 1 september 00:00-00:00 ; Labor Day (first Monday in Sep
thursday -1 november 00:00-00:00 ; Thanksgiving (last Thursday in
december 25 00:00-00:00 ; Christmas

define timeperiod{
name be-holidays
timeperiod_name be-holidays
alias BE Holidays

    january 1               00:00-24:00     ; New Years
    march 23                00:00-24:00     ; Easter
    march 24                00:00-24:00     ; Easter Monday
    may 1                   00:00-24:00     ; Labour Day
    may 11                  00:00-24:00     ; Whit Sunday
    may 12                  00:00-24:00     ; Whit Monday
    july 21                 00:00-24:00     ; National Holiday
    august 15               00:00-24:00     ; Assumption Day
    november 1              00:00-24:00     ; All Saints' Day
    november 11             00:00-24:00     ; Armistice
    december 25             00:00-24:00     ; Christmas Day

When i make a test with only one entry it’s working fine, but when i put all needed entries…it’s not working anymore.

Can you help me?

Thx in adavance :wink:


did you create a 24x7_sans_be-holidays type timeperiod or something similar? (like the one for the one for the us-holidays in the default timeperiods.cfg)

It should be pointed out that the example has an issue in that it has **use **instead of exclude
[blockquote]exclude: This directive is used to specify the short names of other timeperiod definitions whose time ranges should be excluded from this timeperiod. Multiple timeperiod names should be separated with a comma. [/blockquote] … timeperiod

It should read
define timeperiod{
timeperiod_name 24x7_sans_holidays
alias 24x7 Sans Holidays
exclude us-holidays ; Get holiday exceptions from other timeperiod


thx Strides;
I thought about something like that, but I don’t know a lot about timeperiods… your answer might be useful (although, I hope not: I’m already imagining the users wanting me to stop the monitor on special occasions, like the anniversary of the third time they met their girlfriend or something stupid like that :))


Don’t tell your users about it :wink: