Problem with Nagios Virtual Machine Install


Hi all,

I’m tyring to install and configure the latest nagios virtual machine for a quick demo. I’m running it on VMWare ESXi. I’ve got the VM converted and loaded just fine. The OS loads and I can access that fine as well. I got to myipaddress/nagiosxi and I get the web installation screen as expected. I change the root email address and create a new password and click next. It says the install completed successfully. However, when I try to login to nagios, I enter the username and password and it just keeps going back to the login screen. It never seems to actually login.

I’m not familiar with nagios yet so I’m not sure where to look. I’m a little surprised by the issue as it’s supposed to be the canned VM and should just work. Any ideas would be helpful.



Hi all,

One quick follow up here. I thought I would also mention that the demo VM image works perfectly in the VMWare Player on on the VM Server. The issue appears only after I’ve converted the image to work on ESXi. I’m guessing something is up with mysql but again I’m not famaliar enough with the configuration so any help would be greatly appreciated. I’d really rather run it on ESXi and not in the VMWare player.



no idea sorry. never used the images, as most here…