Problem with nagiosgraph


Dear all,

I have the following configurations and i am being unable to produce my output from nagiosgraph. I have centOS5.4 installed on my machine. Kinldy expecting helps from you all.

extracted nagiosgraph to /tmp/nagiosgraph
copied /tmp/nagiosgraph/etc/* /etc/nagiosgraph
edited perl script by vi /tmp/nagiosgraph/cgi/.cgi lib/
copied /tmp/nagiosgraph/lib/ /usr/local/nagios/libexec
copied cgi scripts /tmp/nagiosgraphcgi/
.cgi /usr/local/nagios/sbin
copied CSS nad JavaScript files:
/tmp/nagiosgraph/share/nagiosgraph.css /usr/local/nagios/share
/tmp/nagiosgraph/share/nagiosgraph.js /usr/local/nagios/share

Edited /etc/nagiosgraph/nagiosgraph.conf as
logfile = /var/log/nagiosgraph.log
cgilogfile = /var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log
perflog = /var/nagios/perfdata.log
rrddir = /var/nagios/rrd
mapfile = /etc/nagiosgraph/map
nagiosgraphcgiurl = /nagios/cgi-bin
javascript = /nagios/nagiosgraph.js
stylesheet = /nagios/nagiosgraph.css

Directory created as
/var/nagios/rrd and changed the ownership and file permissions as
chown nagios /var/nagios/rrd
chmod 755 /var/nagios/rrd

Created logfile for nagios user to write to:
touch /var/log/nagiosgraph.log
chown nagios /var/log/nagiosgraph.log
chmod 644 /var/log/nagiosgraph.log

In /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg
service_perfdata_file=/var/nagios/perfdata.log service_perfdata_file_template=$LASTSERVICECHECK$||$HOSTNAME$||$SERVICEDESC$||$SERVICEOUTPUT$||$SERVICEPERFDATA$

In commands.cfg
define command {
command_name process-service-perfdata
command_line /usr/local/nagios/libexec/

All above conf are checked and verified and tested in the browser(chrome) by:
server/nagios/cgi-bin/showconfig.cgi -------> there are outputs

When tried for graphing by:

There received an error message like " No data in rrd directory /var/nagios/rrd"

Added some more configuration in nagios as:
define service {
name graphed-service
action_url /nagiosgraph/cgi-bin/show.cgi?host=$HOSTNAME$&service=$SERVICEDESC$’ onMouseOver=‘showGraphPopup(this)’ onMouseOut=‘hideGraphPopup()’ rel=’/nagiosgraph/cgi-bin/showgraph.cgi?host=$HOSTNAME$&service=$SERVICEDESC$&period=week&rrdopts=-w+450±j
register 0

and enable graph links for services by appending the graphed-service to existing service definitions in the Nagios configuration.

In the nagiosgraph SSI file, set the URL for nagiosgraph.js:
vi share/nagiosgraph.ssi
src="/nagiosgraph/nagiosgraph.js" -> src="/nagios/nagiosgraph.js"

Installed the nagiosgraph SSI file by copying
/tmp/nagiosgraph/share/nagiosgraph.ssi /usr/local/nagios/share/ssi/common-header.ssi

In the log files:
/var/log/nagiosgraph.log is EMPTY
/var/log/nagiosgraph-cgi.log is EMPTY
/var/nagios/perfdata.log has some DATA of running process of nagios

These are my all configurations, and i have been unable to see the results from nagiosgraph.

Expecting helps and support.

Thanks in Advance…