Problem with "regular expression"


I have a regular expression:
check_command check_http3!!"/SearchRequest.asp?request=%3Cpolitics%3E&searchvia=1’-r’(+]"(polics|^"]+)"\s*=\s*{^}]+\s*};\s*)+"

where check_http3:
command_name check_http3-enabled
command_line $USER1$/check_http -H $ARG1$ -u $ARG2$ -r $ARG3$

If i make this request from command line that is ok? An error is reported from Nagios. Whats wrong? Maybe, some symbols in regular expression are not interpreted?


Whats wrong?


nagios won’t interpret that command properly due to special characters. You might be better off writing a perl script instead


Thank you that have saved from torments :slight_smile: