Probleme with dkimproxy signature dk and dkim and dlv

hello all reader
hello dkimproxy network

I am having problems with my dk and dkim signature of my emails
I have successfully made the process of verification of signatures dnssec
all my domains are correct and good displays on
the reason for my problem just the reason that I have updated my postfix
and I have recreated a pair of keys with openssl for dkimproxy

the reason for my questions
one of my domains. in .fr: after validation of signatures by isc dk dkim
said OK
Other areas domains ( other .fr and other .eu ) after validation of
signatures by isc dk dkim said bad

that happens I do not understand

thanks for advice
thanks for help

I have correctly configure bind to resolve addresses (a local resolver)
How long is necessary for the propagation of DNS

my problem is probably very simple to solve, since before the upgrade postfix and creation of new keys: everything is working well

You could verify proper propagation of the DNS with the DNS Propagation Checker. 8)

How long can take the spread of keys dk and dkim.
jason long dkimproxy homepage,
it specifies that it is very long

currently my auto responders respond differently depending on the one I choose.
One of my domains answers already ok

i just tried to sign my emails with amavisd and dkim and the result is a success.
there is a problem in the configurationd of dkimproxy
I do not understand

I forgot the parameter sender_map in the config file
Now everything works

I’m for the creation of a mailing list. I’m for the idea of jason