Problems with NSCA and OSCP



I have problems with nsca-plugin.

I cant find error from my configuration, but ocsp does not send data to monitoring server. No errors have found from logs. Is there any way to check that ocsp is even trying to run command?

Facts on sending server:
oscp is on: obsess_over_services=1
ocsp has command: ocsp_command=submit_check_result

#define submit_check_result
define command{
command_name submit_check_result
command_line $USER1$/submit_check_result $HOSTNAME$ ‘$SERVICEDESC$’ $SERVICESTATE$ ‘$OUTPUT$|$PERFDATA$’

submit_check_result is located in $USER1$ and privileges are ok (as other commands).

command_file=/usr/local/nagios/var/rw/nagios.cmd - and this is correct.

On receiving server I have passive checks enabled, and I can change status of service by sending command manually from sending server: ./send_nsca -H XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -c cfg_file_here < text, so the connection is working properly. Therefore I think that problem is somewhere in OSCP and I’d like to find out why it doesnt send status to monitoring server? Of course the services are also configured to monitoring server.

I have also tried to send “submit_check_result” to local file, and it does even not create that file automatically.

I know, that problem is between keyboard and chair, but help me… I am too stupid to find solution…