Problems with the host status



I have 2 questions about nagios. It’s the first time that I’ve install Nagios, so I’m trying to handled all the issues.

My first question is, how can I configure the Status Map and the 3D Status Map. Because when I try to see the Status Map, the nagios show me an 404 error. But when I try to see the 3D Status Map a file wants to be saved and I don’t know what am I suppose to do with it.

My second question is about the hosts that you want to monitor with the nagios. I’ve add a host and when I want to see the status of the host, everything is on an critical status and also it show that the connection is refused. And as far as I know that’s not correct. I don’t know if it’s a bad configuration of the NSClient ++.

I’ll appreciate all the help that you provided me. Thank you


I actually had the same issue with what appeared to be NSCLient++ but I found that I had to open an exception in the firewall at port 12489 which was set in msc.ini as NSCLIENT PORT.

Sorry on the maps question I did not have the 404 issue and am still trying to figure out the 3d status map. Since it is uploading it as a file I am thinking something is wrong with the CGI configuration or the server would parse it. I just have not had time to figure that out.


I’ve solve the problem with the NSClient++, you just need to modify the NSC file. Check this website: … -on-linux/


OK you have found that but here is the info on the cgi issue we were both struggling with.

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hope it helps