Ps; error; process list id must follow -p?


hi everybody

i install nagios at home on red hat as 3 and nagios 2 after one hour all start properly and work fine well i want to release same at work

at work the os is red hat es 3 update 3 ( pratikely the same ) and nagios 2 whan i launch the service nagios ( so 0 warm and 0 error before ) i have this error

Ps; error; process list id must follow -p
Ps - [unix98 options]
Ps - [bsd-style options]
Ps – help

someone have see it yet !???

thx in advence


seems like a bad formatted command in a config file… are youtrying to see if a process is running?


Did you compile nagios and the plugins on the machine at work, or just copy the files from your working home machine?
If you copied, then do a compile/install on the work machine.